Five Critical Selling Shifts to Growing in a Down Economy.

We are all painfully aware that as a sales leader, every year your life has become more challenging and complicated. The  pressure you feel is extreme. Layer the COVID-19 pandemic on top of it and the stakes only get higher.

Our new empirical study based on recent survey data, combined with years of studying sales and sales organizations, proves what matters most in a down-economy through understanding the best practices of high-growth organizations compared to those with no-to-low-growth. The outcome is five predictors that are critical to accelerating growth and never more relevant than in today's environment.

In this study you will learn:

  • The five predictors of growth
  • Best practices of fast-growth organizations
  • How to survive in a down and slow-growth economy
  • How to shift your sales approach and methodology to accommodate market changes
  • How to outpace your competition
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