Introducing Sales Excellence as a Service

Selling isn’t getting any easier and it’s only getting more expensive. That’s why you need a new model that is built around a measurable, repeatable business process to get a return on your invested capital. That’s what we do.

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It’s Time to Rethink Your Thinking About Sales

It’s not one thing that fixes your sales force…it’s many things working together to drive outcomes. Sales training, point-and-click solutions, hiring a bunch of salespeople, and hoping they succeed – doesn’t work as well anymore.

AuctusIQ focuses on the three biggest challenges every sales force faces: recruiting and retaining the right talent, coaching them up, and winning deals. We do this by instilling a business process and platform that drives growth while reducing sales and marketing costs. Maybe you’ve never thought about your sales performance that way, but now you can. It’s what we call “Sales Excellence as a Service.”

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Assess the individual talent and readiness of each member of your team – current and future, salespeople and sales leaders.

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Use insights from TalentIQ to drive individualized coaching, empowering your sales leaders and managers for cost-effective growth.

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Apply our methodology agnostic and machine learning to measure Deal Confidence for dramatically better forecasting and revenue to income statement.

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Make better hires three ways with pre-assessed candidates, 100% sales-only recruiting focus, and recruiters who come from sales – not HR.

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Empower your people with our educational library and industry-leading selling tools that help a good team become great.

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Measure 16 organizational competencies that reveal the go-to-market effectiveness of your sales force, so you can act with precision and grow with confidence.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

For the sales professional, AuctusIQ is like having an advisory board of the best sales leaders help guide and make recommendations throughout a deal cycle. Countless times my sales team members have come to me, sharing that revisiting a complex opportunity through the AuctusIQ lens has helped them think of an alternate strategy or additive approach. For sales leaders, opportunities are quantifiably measured and scored - not just tracked as part of opportunity stages. This means that opportunity detail yielding pipeline coverage can now be quantifiably and quantitatively measured, enabling a three-dimensional view driving greater levels of performance predictability. AuctusIQ fulfills the promise of what CRMs can't capture and enables revenue leaders to more effectively manage the reality of what financially astute organizations demand.

Mike Wirth Chief Commercial Officer, ProviderTrust

“As a Sales Director, I love that I have the ability to view my team's deals in real-time. The DealIQ confidence score has helped us tremendously in identifying which opportunities we may need to nurture more in order to gain some of the insights that are lacking for us to successfully close. The team at AuctusIQ is second to none.”

Alison Grana Director of Sales Operations and Solutions, Enage2Excel

“Deploying DealIQ as a deal scorecard not only improved the accuracy of our forecast but also improved our win rate by making visible to the seller what actions they needed to take to win the deal.”

Steve Triano Vice President of Sales, Loparex

The Rise of Smart Sharks White Paper

Download The Rise of Smart Sharks white paper to learn how to build an intelligent sales force through a reimagined way of thinking, working, and selling.

Sales Excellence as a Service

Sales Excellence as a Service is about running sales as a business process while solving your three biggest challenges of talent, coaching, and winning...all on one platform.

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