AIQ Athlete Insight

When evaluating talent, coaches rarely miss on athletic ability. The majority of the mistakes are attributed to the athlete’s lack of intangible traits. 

Our Athlete Insight Assessment delivers information that enables coaches to more accurately manage an athlete and expedite success both on and off the field. It also provides a tool to aid in decision-making for recruiting, especially when considering transfers and time is limited. 

This is not an online personality test, it’s a structured phone interview. 

Our athlete assessment was created using the most comprehensive research done on the attributes and traits that predict success on and off the field.

It provides you with deep insights into the intangible attributes that define and predict high performance.

What We Measure

  • Achiever 
  • Competition
  • Courage
  • Focus
  • Mental Preparation
  • Persistence
  • Physical Influence
  • Pride
  • Relationships
  • Responsibility
  • Team Orientation
  • Work Ethic

What We Predict

  • Likelihood of overachieving
  • Likelihood of an athlete transferring
  • Growth in performance
  • High performance from a 2-4 transfer
  • High performance from a 4-4 transfer
  • Academic success

This scouting service has been approved in accordance with NCAA bylaws, policies, and procedures. NCAA Division I football coaches are permitted to subscribe to this scouting service.

Bob Stitt

Bob Stitt, Vice President | Schedule a meeting with me

Bob serves as Vice President of AuctusIQ after coaching college football for 34 seasons. Schools he has coached at include Oklahoma State, Texas State, Harvard University, Northern Colorado, Austin College, Nebraska Wesleyan, and Doane University. Stitt also spent 18 seasons as the Head Coach at the University of Montana and Colorado School of Mines. He won 129 games using the AuctusIQ Athlete Insight Assessment as part of the selection process for recruiting.