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Use insights from TalentIQ to drive individualized coaching, empowering your sales leaders and managers for cost-effective growth.

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CoachingIQ is designed to help sales leaders excel at three things.

Work the Leading Indicators. It’s about seeking to identify those long-term opportunities and aligning your selling organization with the competencies needed to succeed in the future.

Work the Deals. No matter how busy your day is or what’s on your plate, you must be willing to stop everything to help your sellers work and win a deal.

Work the Development Gaps. This is about understanding your team, their strengths, and eliminating their blind spots, allowing you to help them get better, faster, and smarter—quarter over quarter.

Developing Exceptional Sales Leadership

One of the fundamental challenges to sales managers and helping them achieve these are essentially the job functions around it, explain it in context, below is how you apply it.

Experiencing CoachingIQ Within The Platform

Once a sales leader has gone through the training modules they can then use the CoachingIQ four-box to institute a regular cadence of development for their salespeople. The left-hand two columns are about working the people and the right-hand columns are about working the deals.

Coaching Up Smart Sharks White Paper

Sales leadership and coaching are critical to developing an intelligent sales force. Download the Coaching Up Smart Sharks white paper to take a deeper look at finding and keeping great talent, coaching to success, and exploring a system that measures and replicates success.

Sales Excellence as a Service

Sales Excellence as a Service is about running sales as a business process while solving your three biggest challenges of talent, coaching, and winning...all on one platform.

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