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Measures the go-to-market effectiveness of your sales force based on eight key organizational competencies.

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GrowthIQ measures organizational competencies.

The GrowthIQ solution is designed to help senior executives and private equity partners understand the strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots of a sales organization. It’s built on a framework of eight organizational competencies broken down into 32 subsets.

This solution provides you with a clear road map on what areas within a sales organization you should focus on first to drive growth the fastest.

The GrowthIQ Framework

You experience GrowthIQ through a combination of assessments followed by consulting services. It is delivered in three options: Lite, Express, and In-Depth. Each is designed to fit your particular organization. It’s designed to benchmark your sales force in the following 32 areas. Once this data is rolled-up and reported, you will have a clear understanding of which areas of your go-to-market you should focus on to drive growth.

Experiencing GrowthIQ

The AuctusIQ Platform provides you with a Go To Market report of the eight key areas and a breakdown of each of the subcomponents. This report, along with our consulting services, helps guide you to focus on the areas that will drive growth.

Sales Excellence as a Service

Sales Excellence as a Service is about running sales as a business process while solving your three biggest challenges of talent, coaching, and winning...all on one platform.

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