DealIQ combines our methodology and machine learning to help you win more deals. It also provides a Deal Confidence Index for better forecasting revenue to the income statement.

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The 7 Imperatives methodology is the heart of DealIQ

We know from experience that sellers who follow a detailed process through the sales cycle are better equipped to achieve success. DealIQ takes that even further. It’s a selling system built on a technology platform that incorporates deep AI, training, real-time reporting, and process. It helps the sales manager improve their management skills, augments your CRM, and helps sellers with the key questions pivotal to deal progression through seven critical steps. We call it The Seven Imperatives.


The AuctusIQ 7 Imperatives

Each imperative encompasses questions broken down into two areas: sales rep objectives and customer reciprocation — a strategy that builds a partnership with the customer through the buying journey, essentially a trusted advisor relationship.

Experiencing DealIQ Within The Platform

DealIQ integrates seamlessly with your current CRM and augments its ability to report what we call Deal Confidence, which leads to more accurate forecasting. It also helps your reps think through every element and stage of a deal, so no detail gets overlooked.

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Win Deals Like a Smart Shark White Paper

Download the Win Deals Like a Smart Shark white paper to learn how advising the customer during the selling process makes you a more intelligent sales force.

AuctusIQ means smart growth.

“Auctus” is Latin for growth. “IQ” means smarts. Combined, AuctusIQ means smart growth. AuctusIQ is a sales data and science company. Our mission is to provide the right data, on a technology platform that allows you to put talent in your tech stack. Doing this solves your three biggest challenges: selecting and retaining exceptional talent, coaching to ensure readiness to meet or beat quota, and most importantly making sure everything you do is tied to winning more deals.

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