TalentIQ Sales Assessment

The #1 sales assessment to evaluate the talent and readiness of your sales team — both sellers and sales managers.

  1. Map: Baseline readiness of your sales force.
  2. Coach: Help sales managers with individual performance coaching.
  3. Select: Hire and onboard more like your best.
  4. Enable: Targeted training and measure competency improvement.

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Sales Assessment Software That Understands the Whole Salesperson

The TalentIQ sales assessment is built specifically for sales. It measures the four impact categories that are critical to sales performance and the 10 core selling competencies against highly accurate data. Experience the individualized playbooks for both your sellers and your sales managers outlining four key elements for each individual:

  • Definitions of the talents and competencies that were measured.
  • A summary of their talents and how to leverage them.
  • A read-out of their competencies and areas of skill growth, providing recommended steps on how to leverage strengths and mitigate gaps.
  • An action plan can be utilized as a template for coaching by their manager.

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TalentIQ Platform Demo

The TalentIQ sales assessment software is a robust platform that breaks down an individual’s talents and competencies, helping sales managers easily utilize the data from our assessments for ongoing coaching and development. In this video you will get a tour of TalentIQ and how it makes data easy for sales managers and leaders to review.

The TalentIQ Platform is organized by:

  • Coaching Guide: The Coaching Guide provides advice on how to modify your coaching style based on the individual’s natural capacities.
  • Key Findings: The Key Findings tab will show you how an individual scores on talent capacity and sales competency.
  • Talents Breakdown: The talents breakdown is shows how an individual scores in the four impact categories that are critical for success.


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Talents & Competencies

The TalentIQ sales assessment is built specifically for sales and designed to measure the four impact categories of talent that are critical to sales performance and the core selling competencies against highly accurate data:

  • Motivation – Your Striving Talents are your source of fuel to tackle your day, apply maximum effort, and optimize your impact.
  • Interaction – Your Relating Talents are your natural path to work through and with others to grow your business and fulfill your mission.
  • Cognition – Your Thinking Talents are your natural path to overcome objections and obstacles inhibiting your ability to fulfill buyer needs.
  • Execution – Your Doing Talents are your natural path to create a plan, manage your time, and focus on the priorities that will persuade your buyer to buy.

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AIQ Wheels

Sales Readiness Assessment Map

Our sales readiness mapping exercise evaluates your sales organization and helps you identify salespeople that:

  • Stand out as top performers.
  • Need to be coached up or moved out of the organization.
  • Exhibit the most significant potential for growth.

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Sales Readiness Analysis Plot

Sales Assessment Summary

TalentIQ by AuctusIQ comes to life within the platform by giving you a one-page summary of every aspect of an individual’s talents, competencies, and selling acumen. This can be used for current sellers and sales leaders or can be configured for job candidates.

  • Talent Capacity – Measuring attributes to determine potential.
  • Sales Competency – Measuring sales skills to determine levels of competence.
  • Sales Acumen – Measuring sales judgment to determine the ability to close.

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Assessment Results Graphic

Personalized Sales Assessment for Every Member of Your Sales Team

The TalentIQ sales team assessment increases performance at an accelerated pace with a proven and validated approach to measure talent match per role, map your chosen sales roles to critical talents and competencies, and provide you with a success profile playbook of each seller.

  • Understand what differentiates your high-performing sellers.
  • Define the activities and coaching strategies that will accelerate the performance of your low-to-medium performers.
  • Apply performance and a measurement-based approach to your selling system and coaching techniques.

Leverage TalentIQ’s scientific approach to hiring, accelerated performance, and the art of matching sellers to deals today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TalentIQ?

TalentIQ is the top sales assessment to evaluate the talent and readiness of a sales team. It provides data on the talent, competencies, and selling acumen of sellers, sales managers, and sales leaders. It can be used for coaching, selection, and organizational development.

What makes the TalentIQ sales assessment different?

The TalentIQ sales assessment is built specifically for sales. It measures natural talent for selling as well as skill level in key sales competencies. In addition, the TalentIQ sales assessment maps a person’s talents and competencies for chosen sales roles and provides you with a success profile playbook of each seller—providing an immediate path to inspire performance excellence and guide career progression. TalentIQ sales assessments can be used to measure the capability and lift the performance of current sales team sellers and managers, or during the hiring process to gauge the readiness of candidates.

What is a sales assessment?

A sales assessment is a tool that employers and sales leaders use to measure how well a person can sell. It can be used on current sales team sellers and managers, or during the hiring process for candidates.

What kind of questions does the TalentIQ sales assessment ask?

The TalentIQ sales assessment asks a variety of questions. Many use a rating scale or level of agreement. These questions were validated through 25 years of research, gauging the level of talent and competency, the key to success in sales, and pinpointing readiness for a specific sales role.

How long does the TalentIQ sales assessment take?

You will need approximately 40 minutes to complete the assessment.

Can I try out the sales assessment before I distribute it to my team?

At AuctusIQ we encourage you to try out the TalentIQ Sales Leader Assessment before rolling out the sales assessment to your team. Upon completion, you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our Executive Analysts to talk through your findings and ask any remaining questions. We have been told that this opportunity to gain an understanding of the overall experience provides thought-provoking insights for bringing the TalentIQ experience to life for team members.

What happens once a team member takes the sales assessment?

They are provided an in-depth Playbook outlining their talents and competencies with an action planning page to improve their competencies. This serves as a baseline for individual growth and manager coaching.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“For the sales professional, AuctusIQ is like having an advisory board of the best sales leaders help guide and make recommendations throughout a deal cycle. Countless times my sales team members have come to me, sharing that revisiting a complex opportunity through the AuctusIQ lens has helped them think of an alternate strategy or additive approach. For sales leaders, opportunities are quantifiably measured and scored – not just tracked as part of opportunity stages. This means that opportunity detail yielding pipeline coverage can now be quantifiably and quantitatively measured, enabling a three-dimensional view driving greater levels of performance predictability. AuctusIQ fulfills the promise of what CRMs can’t capture and enables revenue leaders to more effectively manage the reality of what financially astute organizations demand.”

Chief Commercial Officer, Healthcare Software Company

“As a Sales Director, I love that I have the ability to view my team’s deals in real-time. The DealIQ confidence score has helped us tremendously in identifying which opportunities we may need to nurture more in order to gain some of the insights that are lacking for us to successfully close. The team at AuctusIQ is second to none.”

Director of Sales Operations and Solutions, Human Capital Management Software Company

“Deploying DealIQ as a deal scorecard not only improved the accuracy of our forecast but also improved our win rate by making visible to the seller what actions they needed to take to win the deal.”

Vice President of Sales – Release Loner

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