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Our recruiting solution is unique because our only focus is sales: our recruiters are all former salespeople and we recruit outside of normal business hours. This results in finding sales talent that others can’t.

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Our focus with RecruitIQ is Sales, and Sales only.

RecruitIQ is the combination of over 100 years of recruitment experience and over 30 years of talent acquisition data. Plus, our deep understanding of the traits and competencies that make great sales leaders and salespeople ensures that our clients spend their valuable time with highly-qualified candidates.

In addition, we execute every required step in the recruiting process in great detail. No one outworks us…which is why we never stop recruiting for you. We call it our Always Recruiting Strategy.

What Makes Us Unique

The combination of what lies below is what makes us unique and distinguishes us from other recruiting firms.

Experiencing RecruitIQ

We do all of the little things extremely well. No detail is lost on us, no step is missed, and every element of our process is well thought out and executed.

Sales Excellence as a Service

Sales Excellence as a Service is about running sales as a business process while solving your three biggest challenges of talent, coaching, and winning...all on one platform.

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