The Selling Excellence Podcast: Episode 1

“What Executives Need to Know” with Troy Kanter

​On this episode, Tim interviews Troy Kanter, the Co-Founder and CEO of AuctusIQ. Troy has had an impressive career, including starting and transacting a business for $1.4 billion. He also ran one of the largest training companies and helped thousands of sales organizations. Troy will talk about the missing metrics to measure and manage a sales force’s success. You listen in on this, you’re guaranteed to learn something.

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Auctus means growth. Smart growth.

“Auctus” is Latin for growth. “IQ” means smarts. Combined, AuctusIQ means smart growth.

It’s a new idea built on deep expertise, sharpened and proven over three decades. Our management team has built, managed, and transacted companies, so we think like business executives, not just sales leaders. Our Talent First Platform reflects what worked for us and for others. Now available to you.

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More about “The Selling Excellence Podcast”

We all know B2B selling isn’t getting any easier…and what’s worse, it’s getting more expensive. Our host, Tim Geisert, will interview top business executives to bring you insights on how you can turn your sales force into a company asset. You’ll learn how to find and coach talent, win deals and get the most out of your sales leaders based on data and our extensive business experience.

Sales Excellence as a Service

Sales Excellence as a Service is about running sales as a business process while solving your three biggest challenges of talent, coaching, and winning...all on one platform.

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