Fortune 200 Global Manufacturing Company


This company was facing the increased pressures of growth and selling costs. They embarked on a journey to understand the readiness of their sales organization. In the process of mapping their sales organization, they uncovered several key competencies that predicted the success of their best performers. However, those competencies were found to be deficient in a large majority of their seller population. The company utilized data that resulted from the TalentIQ assessment process to focus its training efforts on the critical competencies that drive success.


As a result of the TalentIQ assessment and training, they found that sellers who received a Playbook, coaching with their manager, and training experienced a lift in their competency acumen by 95%. In addition, those sellers who received training in at least one of the competencies nearly doubled their pipeline in less than 9 months.


About Us

  • Troy Kanter

    Troy Kanter

    Co-Founder & CEO
    Troy Kanter serves as CEO of AuctusIQ. Kanter has been transforming sales organizations and their revenue streams for more than 25 years. Prior to co-founding AuctusIQ, Kanter served as CEO of TwentyEighty, a $300M learning and performance management firm and the holding company of the world’s largest sales training organization.
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  • Courtney McCashland

    Dr. Courtney McCashland

    Co-Founder & Chief Officer of Science and Strategy
    As Co-Founder and Chief Officer of Science and Strategy for AuctusIQ, Dr. McCashland brings academic and applied insight to how the talents, experience, knowledge, and skills of the salesforce can be measured and managed to shorten the sales cycle and increase sales production.
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  • Tim Geisert

    Tim Geisert

    Tim Geisert serves as a Partner at AuctusIQ. He is the executive on the leadership team that crafts the vision, shapes the product strategy, and inspires teams to grow the business. That, and more than 30 years of experience growing companies through marketing and sales, is what Geisert brings to AuctusIQ.
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