Introducing SalesManagerIQ – A Frontline Sales Manager Training Program

The Frontline Sales Manager is often considered the most important job on the sales team but many times is overlooked when it comes to development. SalesManagerIQ is designed using IP learning and data to bring a comprehensive and effective sales manager training program to your sales managers by tackling their three biggest challenges:

1) Motivating People

2) Winning Deals

3) Improving Process

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SalesManagerIQ Ties Competency Gaps to Training

The common problem we find with Sales Managers is they often are promoted from a sales rep role to management without any proper sales manager training program. The needs of the job far outweigh the training and development they receive. Therefore, we’ve created sales manager training to help your sales managers be the apex of success in your sales force. Our training is proven to be comprehensive and effective.

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Sales Manager Training Program

An Exceptional Sales Manager Training Program

SalesManagerIQ provides structured modules around the three biggest challenges. We have identified the nine key areas that are connected to the three essential sales manager competencies. Your sales managers will find these training modules to be practical, strategic, and interspersed with tangible tips that they can use immediately.



Identifying & Recruiting Sales Talent
This module will instruct managers on how to use the TalentIQ language and asessment data to identify and select high-performing sales professionals.
Inspiring Performance Through Coaching & Feedback
This module helps managers learn how to utiize the TalentIW Playbook to look for opportunities every day, week, month and quarter to develop their sellers.
Developing & Building Seller Competencies
This module helps managers understand the competencies needed to develop each seller;s individual performance.


Asking Great Questions
This module will coach managers on asking questions that help their sellers think critically about each step in the buying journey to drive buyer engagement and advance deals.
Conducting Productive Deal Reviews
This module helps managers know how to execute efficient and effective deal reviews utilizing the Seven Imperatives methodology.
Calling the Right Plays at the Right Time
This module is designed to help managers understand what strategic and tactical plays to run alongside the Seven Imperatives to advance and win deals.


Managing a Productive Week, Month, & Quarter
This module will instruct managers on how to create a weekly cadence of meetings, interactions, and reporting to make the most of the limited time in their schedule.
Utilizing Data to Drive Performance
This module is designed to help managers understand how to use data, technology and processes to scale for efficiency and profitability.
Delivering Accurate Forecasting
This module brings together the results of all the other learnings to drive the ultimate measurement of sales manager success accurately calling a quarter.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SalesManagerIQ

SalesManagerIQ is an effective and comprehensive Sales Manager training program that will help your Sales Managers learn how to motivate people, win deals, and scale for success. There are nine modules that cover topics like identifying and recruiting sales talent, conducting productive deal reviews, and delivering accurate forecasting.

What problem does SalesManagerIQ solve?

SalesManagerIQ solves the problem that most Sales Managers face: a need to understand the three key elements of success of the job. Those include motivating people, winning deals, and scaling for success. The common problem we find with Sales Managers is they often are promoted from a sales rep role to management without any proper Sales Manager training program. The SalesManagerIQ training program will fill in that gap and provide the training that your Sales Managers need to succeed in their position.

How is SalesManagerIQ administered?

SalesManagerIQ training can be administered by an instructor in person or virtually. In many cases, SalesManagerIQ is administered after assessing and mapping the readiness of a sales organization to help the Sales Manager understand how to use, implement, and leverage the data.

Who benefits from SalesManagerIQ?

SalesManagerIQ benefits several people in your organization. First and foremost, it benefits the Sales Manager. They will gain a better understanding of their job and important insights on how to call the right plays, build seller competency, and manage a productive week, month, and quarter. Second, the individual sellers will benefit from this program through receiving quality deal and career coaching. Finally, the company benefits through increased productivity, accurate forecasting, and a framework for the organization’s development now and in the future.

What is a Sales Manager training program?

A Sales Manager training program teaches Sales Managers how to build a high-performing team while managing key behaviors that drive sales results.

How much does SalesManagerIQ cost?

The investment in SalesManagerIQ is determined by several factors, including the number of Sales Managers you want to develop and what instruction method you prefer.

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