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Assess the individual talent and readiness of each member of your team - current and future, salespeople and sales leaders.

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The essence of TalentIQ is understanding the whole person.

To run a successful sales team, you need to understand what differentiates your high-performing sellers and what activities and coaching strategies will accelerate the performance of your low to medium performers. TalentIQ uses a proven and validated approach to measure talent match per role, map your chosen sales roles to critical talents and competencies, and provide you with a success profile playbook of each seller.

This scientific approach delivers laser precision to hiring, accelerating performance, the art of matching sellers to deals, and is the basis for applying performance and measurement-based approach to your selling system and coaching techniques — allowing you to increase performance at an accelerated pace.


TalentIQ Readiness Mapping

Our TalentIQ Readiness Mapping exercise evaluates your sales organization and helps you identify those exemplars you need to find more of, those that need to be coached up or moved out of the organization, and those that provide the greatest potential for growth.

Experiencing TalentIQ Within The Platform

TalentIQ comes to life within the platform by giving you a one-page summary of every aspect of an individual’s talents, competencies, and selling acumen. This can be used for current sellers and sales leaders or can be configured for job candidates as shown in the example below.

What It Takes to Be a Smart Shark White Paper

Are you a Sales Leader? Download the What It Takes to Be a Smart Shark white paper to learn how to use data and analytics to select, coach, and build an intelligent sales force.

“Auctus” means growth. Smart growth.

“Auctus” is Latin for growth. “IQ” means smarts. Combined, AuctusIQ means smart growth. It’s a new idea built on deep expertise, sharpened and proven over three decades. Our management team has built, managed, and transacted companies, so we think like business executives, not just sales leaders. Our ‘Smart Growth’ Platform reflects what worked for us and for others — now available to you.

If you’re looking for a proven way to energize your sales force, let’s talk.

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