AuctusIQ Launches an Innovative Way to Accelerate Sales Growth

LINCOLN, Neb. (Nov. 21, 2019) – A new-to-market growth intelligence company, AuctusIQ, today officially launched its performance-based technology platform. With a mission of helping global sales organizations accelerate cost-effective growth, AuctusIQ provides access to decades of empirical research of high-performing salespeople and practices to effectively grow revenue.

During the past two years, co-founders Troy Kanter and Dr. Courtney McCashland developed AuctusIQ. Since then, dozens of mid-market, fast-growth companies, as well as multiple Fortune 1000 organizations, have used the platform to validate its impact on revenue growth through sales performance optimization.

Sales teams worldwide face growing challenges, including longer sales cycles, new buyer demands and lower win rates. Powered by advanced sales analytics, the AuctusIQ platform delivers three core solutions proven to scientifically accelerate sales results.

1. Predictive talent profile assessments that identify the talents and skills of a team’s best sellers, gap competencies and predictive measurement to replicate success and build the right sales team.

2. A sales system with individual seller data analytics to predict success and accelerate deal processes and close rates while providing a valid and trustworthy forecast.

3. A sales coaching system with real-time feedback and an application to track the skills and competencies that accelerate sales performance.

“Our platform is based on years of studying what differentiates the best salespeople from the rest and examining how leaders turn that competitive advantage into growth,” said McCashland, chief officer of science and strategy of AuctusIQ. “As a result, sales leaders become performance coaches, who drive consistent improvement through the unique talents of each seller.”

The AuctusIQ platform enables sellers to make smarter decisions through personalized sales coaching tied to every deal in the pipeline. The platform, built on assessments and science acquired from IBM and Strengths Research, is backed by more than 25 years of empirical research studies with a proven track record of success.

“Salesforces using AuctusIQ have seen dramatic revenue growth, better win rates and more accurate forecasts,” said Kanter, CEO of AuctusIQ. “Our platform provides a way to connect the activity of the salesforce directly to win rates and delivers insight on how to focus each seller on high-impact activities at every stage of the sales cycle to improve day after day, quarter after quarter.”

“Through implementing the AuctusIQ integrated selling system that connects the talents of my people to deal strategy and focused performance coaching, we have achieved one of the most efficient cost of customer acquisition ratios in the fast growth SaaS sector,” said Mahe Bavireddi, CEO of Phenom People.

Before co-founding AuctusIQ, Kanter was president, COO and head of sales at Kenexa. Under Kanter’s leadership, Kenexa went from a start-up to a publicly traded company with revenues of $40 million, and within seven years it had a run rate of $400 million in revenue before it was acquired by IBM in 2012 for $1.4 billion. Following the sale of Kenexa, Kanter served as CEO of TwentyEighty, the parent company of the world’s largest sales training organizations, including Miller Heiman, SPIN Selling and Achieve Global, as well as top leadership development brands Forum and Vital Smarts.

Kanter has led sales teams ranging in size from start-up to over 1,000 representatives globally. Prior to her most recent role as President of Global Science and Strategy for IBM’s Smarter Workforce, McCashland led Kenexa’s $50 million assessment division to optimize talent through applying predictive talent, skills, situational, and simulation-based assessments. She also founded three successful talent assessment and development companies, including TalentMine, LLC, and Strengths Research, LLC, which she co-founded with Marcus Buckingham to develop the Strengths Engagement Track and Standout Assessment featured in Buckingham’s best-selling books.

As a former leader of two fast-growing publicly held, and one privately held, mid-cap companies, McCashland applied what became the foundation for the AuctusIQ assessments and grew the business from $1.8 billion to $3.3 billion in assets under management during an 18-month period. With a master’s in quantitative and qualitative research and a doctorate degree in organizational leadership from the University of Southern California, McCashland brings academic and applied insight on how to turn sales talent into business performance.